“You can make a photo book on the Inspired Gifts website in less than an hour by uploading your photos and then arranging them in an album. The program will even arrange the photos for you if you are short on time. It is easy to upload your photos and they have a huge variety of photo gifts; hard cover books, themed books, greeting cards, day planners, journals and more.”

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Inspirational Photo Book: Mothers & Daughters

My daughter-in-law recently made me a Mothers & Daughter album filled with photos of us and my granddaughters. I loved the book so much that I couldn't even call her to thank her the night it arrived in the mail because I couldn't stop crying I was so touched!! Beautiful. Inspired Gifts photo books are the highest quality album I've ever received. Absolutely stunning!
-Cindy, Port Orange, FL

“My sister gave me the best birthday present, a Mothers and Daughter's photo book. She filled it with pictures of our daughters and our mom. It was so touching. I love it! I have it out on display for everyone to see. The print quality is stunning, if you order one you wont be disappointed!”
-Deb, Gaithersburg, MD


Inspirational Photo Books: Our Family Values

“I recently had a book made for my mom with family photos and I was very pleased with the quality and promptness of the order. My mother was so moved that it took her a little while to recover.”

-Noreen, Palm Coast, FL

“Our Family Values is a top quality photo book. The photos came out crystal clear and the book is well made. I was very impressed. This was a great gift!”
-Dave, Gaithersburg MD


Custom Children’s Story; Everywhere A Ladybug

“My granddaughter loves her ‘Everywhere a Ladybug’ childrens story! It’s become a nightly favorite. She especially loves seeing her beautiful face through out the story.” –Sally, Gaithersburg, MD


Custom Children’s Story: The Silver Rocket Ship

“I have ordered photo books from various companies in the past and they have all been decent.  Well this one from Inspired Gifts is so different, I can’t even compare it!  What makes this personalized photo book different is … [the] adorable storyline with illustrations.
…My son is going to absolutely love this when my husband starts reading it to him and I think it is a great way for them to bond at story time!”
-Cherise F.,
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Photo Day Planner

“My daughter created a Photo Day Planner using photos of me with my grandchildren! She also scanned in my granddaughter’s personal art work. It turned out amazing! Its genuinely 365 Days of Pure Love.”
-Sharon, Ormond Beach, FL

“This was no ordinary planner. This was an 8 X 11 photo-filled planner with 53 very special photos of our family. It was very easy to make too. The interface is great and fun to follow with many customizable features. It turned out so beautiful too.”

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Paneled Pop Art

“This already beautiful photo on its own was turned into something that I’m not joking, took my breath away when it arrived. The colors were just perfect and it created a masterpiece all it’s own.”

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[My Paneled Pop-Art I ordered is] a great looking photo piece, let me tell you. Its all cool with these different looking images in different colors and has this awesome metal look to it. The best part is that you can just place it right on the wall since it’s a frame in itself!! My daughter loved it and it goes perfect with the style of room, I could not have picked a better piece, and one that I know is unique as she is.”
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“My Aunt ordered me a Paneled Pop Art for my room and I love it! All my friends think it's so cool. The best part is I can put this in my dorm when I go off to college in a couple years.”
-Shelly, Gaithersburg, MD



Photo Note Books

“I received the notebook and thought it was really cute. [And] it was very easy [to make]; I just picked which design I wanted, added some text and uploaded the picture I had chosen and checked out.  It took about 3-4 minutes to upload my picture with dial-up.”
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“I received a photo notebook as a present. I was impressed by the quality of the cover and how well the photo image came out. It was even personalized with words. A great gift!”
-Denise, London, UK

“My Daughter gave me a photo notebook for work. It has images of me and my grandchildren on it. Every time I use it I can see all my beautiful girls.”
-Ron, Gaithersburg, MD