9 Ways To Celebrate Your Favorite Friends

SheKnows.com knows how to Celebrate National Girlfriends Day!!

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for spending time with your girlfriends. Make sure to check out SheKnows.com for the complete article.
Beach it. Head to the beach and go for a walk, run or swim -- with sunscreen on, of course. (Beach essentials for stylish chicks)
Go wine tasting. Register for a wine tasting class or go winery hopping at a few local wineries.
Give flowers. Buy flowers and plant them in each other’s gardens or a pot for the house. (How to press those flowers)
Kick back. Grab some magazines (or your favorite book) and read them while hanging out on your patio.
Donate your clothing. Go through your closets, try on each other’s clothes and set aside anything that doesn’t fit (or look good anymore!). Donate the clothing to local organizations that accept used attire.
Prioritize a pedi/mani. Give each other manicures and pedicures or visit the spa or salon together.
Bead. Take a jewelry class and make a piece for your friend, while she makes one for you.
Bucket list. Make a list of the 12 things you’ve never done, but have always wanted to do (before you “kick the bucket”), and promise each other to do at least one thing on each of your lists together every month or so.
Couch marathon. Rent the entire series of Sex in the City and watch it from start to finish (be sure to indulge and order takeout for dinner!).

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