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Meet The the Mom at Petit Couture 

Inspired Gifts is a mom-owned business with a unique twist! We are three Moms spanning the globe from Singapore, Hawaii to Florida. All of our close family & friends live an ocean away, which lead to the creation of our Inspirational Photo Books & Gifts collection for family, friends, children and babies.

The Moms at Inspired Gifts want to show our support to other Momtreprenuers by spreading the word about their businesses. This week we are thrilled to introduce you to the Mom behind Petit Couture, 
Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff.

We chatted with Rebecca a bit to get to know her business, inspiration and advice she has for other Moms looking to start their own business. Here’s how our conversation went (follow the Q & A):

Q: What is the Story and Inspiration behind Petit Couture?
A: Petit Couture was conceived when I realized that very few modern layette and playwear basics existed that were both fashionable and socially-minded. In discussing these limitations with other parents, I became further convinced that Petit Couture could be a stand-out addition to the socially-minded segment of the children’s apparel market. Petit Couture was born in 2009 and debuted its inaugural line of Signature Collection infant layette and toddler play wear basics which proudly display the signature ‘owl’ on premium quality interlock and cotton blends in a sophisticated neutral palette. The line is sold in high end boutique and retail environments across the US.

Petit Couture is a classic yet modern, artisan luxury basics collection for fashionable offspring. Petit Couture’s Signature Collection is sourced and made lovingly in the USA. Petit Couture’s Ready-To-Wear collection debuts in Summer 2010 and fuses wearable modern dresses, tunics, sweater-knits, skirts and leggings with the Signature Collection to make a stand-out brand that girls and moms will love.

Q: What Products does Petit Couture offer?
A: Petit Couture is a modern apparel collection for infants and toddlers.
The Signature Collection, out now, features our logo apparel playwear and layette pieces. This month,  our fashion "Ready-to-Wear" collection will debut during LA Kids Market and features girls fashion skirts, dresses, tunics, travel sweaterknits, and leggings which all pair beautifully with our Signature Collection pieces. I'm thrilled to be debuting in LA and then will also be at ENK Children's Club in August.

Q: What is the best part about owning a business?
A:  I'm in control of my own destiny and it is incredibly fulfilling to be able to see my own creative and business vision come to fruition. 

Advice: Everything takes twice as long and costs twice as much. I love what I'm doing with Petit Couture and in order to be successful that love for your business vision needs to sustain you for some time until your product (or service) gains momentum.

For more on Petit Couture:
Email: rebecca[at]petitcouture[dot]com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/petitcouture
Twitter: www.twitter.com/petitcouture


Inspired Gifts truly enjoyed getting to know Rebecca at Petit Couture. We hope you'll check them out!


Anonymous said...

How inspiring and interesting. I love the concept and the owl design. I'm glad I know about this product. This was a good time to poke my head in and say "hi" (follower from a few weeks back - smile).


InspiredGifts.com said...

Hi Haupi!!!
So glad you stopped by. And yes Petit Couture is quite the find. I agree!!!

rebeccakw said...

Thanks Ladies for the great interview - I truly appreciate the call out for me and Petit Couture. I'm super excited for this season, so please check back :).

Thank you again - Rebecca