Father's Day Poem

A Father Is...
By Rebecca Henry

A Father is a guiding light, 
always shinning in the darkness to show you the way.

A Father is a protector; 
he shields you from harm and keeps you safe.

A Father is a mentor;
he is there to encourage, support and inspire your life.

A Father is tender. 
He loves with kindness, compassion and strength.

A Father is a friend. 
He wants to be apart of your world.

A Father is an artist; 
he shows you how to create beauty in the world.

A Father is a teacher; 
he inspires you to be your best.

A Father is your constant. 
He is always there for you, unmoving and timeless.

A Father is joy, 
he relishes in everything you do.

A Father is love, 
immeasurable, endless love….

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