Fabulous Father's Day Ideas: Part II

Even More Gifts Dad is Sure to Treasure...
With Girls Night In just 2 DAYS away... let's continue to get those creative juices flowing. Some ideas to personalize gifts for Father's Day!  And remember ladies, just by participating in Girls Night In, you will be receiving a 20% Off Discount on all of Inspired Gifts!!

Personalized Dry Erase Boards Perfect for the refrigerator or a message board in the office. Dad's sure to smile every time he sees a photo(s) of his loved ones. Dry Erase marker included! 

Photo Notebooks Spiral-bound photo notebooks come in 3 sizes and numerous fun designs. The miniature ones even have a linking chain for attachment to backpacks or key chains.

Photo Wall Strips  If you can't settle on one favorite pose for Dad, you now have a solution! Assemble a full line up of a dozen shots to tell a story, document progress or simply please those who can't decide on just a few. A one-of-a-kind wall adornment!

Paneled Pop-Art These colorful pop-art photo creations resemble the works of artist Andy Warhol. Turn a photo into Pop Art for Dad this Father's Day!! No additional framing necessary!

Photo Playing Cards All you have to do is chose your favorite photo and we'll send you a personalized deck of playing cards to use the next time Dad deals! You can showcase your boat, a pet or even Dad celebrating a poker victory... these cards are a FUN addition to the game!

Stay tuned tomorrow, and we'll reveal yet MORE great photo gifts for Father's Day! Thanks for stopping by and see you at Girls Night In, Thursday, June 10th, 5pm (Pacific). Find us on twitter using hashtag: GNI10. We'll be giving away lots of FREE goodies!!

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