Organic Living: How To Make Organic Soap

How to Make Organic Soap
By Rebecca Henry

When I gave birth to my little ginger haired daughter, I realized that my life was about to change. Everyday decisions had to be reevaluated. Penelope’s ginger hair and fair complexion complicated matters for her well being. She is allergic to almost everything smelly, dyed or chemically treated…which means just about everything!

Being a little girl, she loves scented shampoos, body lotions and dyed soaps. But as a protective mom, I couldn’t allow her to use those chemically induced products. Her delicate skin breaks out in rashes and hives whenever she gets her hands on something polluted. So what can I do to give her these girlie luxuries without harming her little body? The answer is, I make it!

Organic soap is so easy to make and the results can be something that looks very complicated. First thing you need is a block of melt and pour soap. I use the organic goats milk soap, it is very gentle on Penelope’s skin and leaves her body soft and silky. Melt the soap in your microwave.

Add some wonderful mica coloring (all natural minerals) or bottled natural colorants. Then incorporate aromatherapy oils or pure essential oil for scent.  You could also use dried fruit or flower leaves to add a bit of scent without using minerals or colorants. These steps are purely optional and are not needed to make homemade soap.

Next pour your melted soap into the mold or molds of your choice. Place in the fridge for 20 mins. Until firm. Pop out of the mold and use! If you would like to save the soap make sure to wrap it up in cellophane to prevent shrinking.

This process can be as simple as 1, 2, 3 or as intricate and creative as your imagination can go. If you want more of a spa feel to your soaps try incorporating natural body scrubs such as poppy seeds, cranberry seeds, and apricot seeds. I have even used dried slice oranges and lavender in my soaps.

There are tons of fun, creative molds out there for you and your little one. I have made Penelope soap from molds of: mermaids, ponies, flowers, princesses, ballerinas, crayons, trains, boats, lizards and so much more. The best part about soap making is it is safe enough to have your little one join in. Penelope loves to add the ingredients and help pour the soap into the mold.

Not only are these soaps great for you and your family, but they also make the best presents or accessory to a special gift. Just a warning though, organic soap making might lead you to other great projects like mineral makeup, shampoos and lip balm. I’m hooked and do it all! You might too.
Here is a link to my favorite site:

I buy all my soap making products from them.

Below are some links with instructions on how to make your own melt and pour soap.


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