Eternal Power of Motherhood

The Connection Between Mothers & Daughters                                      
By: Rebecca Henry

The greatest decision of my life was the choice to become a mother. By today’s standards, I started my family at an early age, 25. I was married and pregnant at 24. Something not too many girls do now, but it was the right path for me. I never knew true love until the birth of my daughter. Something magical happened inside me the night she was born. I looked into her face for the first time and realized, "This is love."

My daughter, Penelope, has brought so much joy, happiness and love into my life. Her birth has touched my life as well as my family's. We are all connected because of her. Life throws us curve balls, hard times, struggles and failures. But no matter what obstacles come our way, Penelope keeps us grounded. Her face is a constant reminder of the importance of family.

I feel blessed to have this bond with my daughter and my mother. It touches me to look at my mom playing with Penelope, doing things with her that she once did with me. Their connection is unbreakable. Penelope once told me that she understands the meaning of a grandmother. She said,

“Mimi (her name for grandma) is not just your mommy, Mimi is my second mommy.” 

I about melted when she told me that. At the age of 4, Penelope realized the eternal power of relationships between mothers & daughters.
Fun Arts & Crafts Idea for Mothers Day
If you are searching for a fun arts & craft idea to do with your children for Mother’s Day, try making a Family Tree! I got this idea from my dad when we were visiting him in the states (I live in England) this winter. He made a fun, colorful family tree with Penelope. They used stickers instead of photos.

Making a Family Tree is simple enough for kids ages 2 and up.

What You'll Need:
  • colorful paper, 
  • crayons, 
  • tissue paper 
  • family pictures. 
If you live far away from your extended family, like I do, then you will want to keep your kids connected to their family roots. Here’s an easy & fun way to do it!

-On a colorful piece of construction paper draw a tree.
-On the branches add some green tissue paper for textured leaves.
-Have your child crinkle the tissue paper and glue it onto the tree.
-Then make one side of the tree for mom’s family and the other side for dad's family.
-Or you can just make the entire tree about all of the family.
-Then cut out your family’s photos and paste the faces on the tree.

This project can be very simple or more intricate, it all depends on how much detail you want to add.
Hope you and your little one enjoy this arts and crafts. 
Have A Happy Mother's Day!

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