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Meet The the Mom Behind "Moms on Vacation Travel Club"

Inspired Gifts is a mom-owned business with a unique twist! We are three Moms spanning the globe from Singapore, Hawaii to Florida. All of our close family & friends live an ocean away, which lead to the creation of our Inspirational Photo Books & Gifts collection for family, friends, children and babies.

The Moms at Inspired Gifts want to show our support to other Momtreprenuers by spreading the word about their businesses. This week we are thrilled to introduce you to the Mom behind Moms on Vacation Travel Club, Caroline.

We chatted with Caroline a bit to get to know her business, inspiration and advice she has for other Moms looking to start their own business. Here’s how our conversation went (follow the Q & A):

Q: What is the Story and Inspiration behind Moms on Vacation?
A: I started Moms on Vacation in 2008 after I went on a weekend getaway with 15 other moms to celebrate my best friend's birthday. At that time, I had never left my two kids who were 2 1/2 and 7 months. Going away on a short vacation with other moms made me realize how I needed this time to regroup after having two kids. I was in desperate need of relaxation and sleep and needed to re-connect with my old self, the one I used to know before I had kids. All moms had such a good time and left the weekend feeling like they could tackle motherhood's demands once again.

I was working as an engineer at the time and dreamed of working from home. I started organizing trips for moms locally in Vermont and suddenly moms were signing up for my trips! Last November, I decided to quit my full-time engineering job and spread the word about the Moms on Vacation to the rest of the world! I'm now a certified travel consultant who has worked as a group travel organizer and for cruise lines in the past.

Q: What Services does Moms on Vacation offer?
A: The Moms on Vacation offers free travel planning services to moms who want to enjoy a few days off. We do all the planning and moms just have to show up. We also offer organized group trips for moms who do not have anyone to travel with or groups of moms who want to take advantage of group rates, which are lower than individual rates and offer perks and discounts. All of our organized trips are 1-3 days and we try to keep the cost below $300. You can also find travel ideas and reviews on our website to help plan your mom vacation.

Q: As a Business owner, what advice would you offer other moms wanting to start a business?
A: I find it difficult to balance my life as a mom of preschool children and as an entrepreneur. I work hard, mostly in the evenings and naps, to make sure that my children's needs are met. Starting your own business is a difficult process, but look around you and you will find great resources and people to help. Look on Twitter and Facebook. Take advantage of social networking! It can be a time drain, but it's how you build your brand and keep in touch with your followers. It's also where I've made contact with so many great moms that have helped get the word out there about my business.

For More on Moms on Vacation:
Web: www.moms-on-vacation.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/MomonVacation
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Momsonvacation
Phone: (888) 802-7364
Email: caroline[at]moms-on-vacation[dot]com


Inspired Gifts truly enjoyed getting to know Caroline at Moms on Vacation. We hope you'll look her up next time you are needing a get-a-way!!!

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