Inspired Gifts: Kid's Art Day Planner

By: Becca DiPersia

Create the perfect year-long gift for Mom, Dad, Grandparents or anyone who simply adores your budding artist.

Living not only miles, but an entire ocean away from my Mom, I get two requests frequently: (1) More photos of her granddaughters, and (2), "Please mail me Makena's artwork so I can hang it on the refrigerator."

Thanks to technology, its easier than ever to email my Mom digital photos of her cute grandkids. But unfortunately taking the time to get artwork in the mail for my Mom is an area I lack in... Big Time!

So for her birthday, we surprised her with her very own Photo Day Planner embellished not only with her adorable grandchildren, but tons of their artwork as well! What a hit!! Each week for the next year, my Mom will either be looking at an image of one of her granddaughters or their artistic creations. And with the nice borders added to the photos & artwork in her Day Planner, she has the option to save individual pages later on to frame or even hang on her refrigerator.

And it was so easy to do!

What you'll need to create your very own
Kid's Art Day Planner:
-13, 27 or 53* assorted pictures of your children & their art work
-Scanner or Digital Camera
-Internet Access to InspiredGifts.com

(1) Simply scan in your children's artwork and save them as JPGs. Or you can even snap photos on your digital camera of your children's artwork
(2) To save time, put all images of your children and their scanned-in artwork in one folder on your computer
(3) Optional: Save the images & artwork numerically in the order you would like them to appear in the Day Planner. Use 3 digits (i.e. 001, 002, 003, 004, etc.)
(4) Upload your images & artwork to InspiredGifts.com
(5) Go to Day Planner webpage
(6) Click "Create Day Planner"
(7) Choose size, how many photo pages, etc.
(8) Auto-fill the Day Planner for a gift ready in seconds

Video Tutorials
Here's a Quick Video Tutorial to Show How Easy it is to Get Started:

Here's a 2nd Video Tutorial Demonstrating How to Change Backgrounds on pages, Select Different Photo Templates, Add Text, Rearrange Page Order:

Other Day Planner Features
-Add different colored backgrounds behind images
-Start Day Planner Any Month of the Year!
-Add Birthdays, Anniversaries & other Special Dates

I truly hope you find this project as enjoyable as I did. And I hope your recipient is as thrilled with the results as my Mom was!


About the Author: Becca is the Visionary of Inspired Gifts. Living miles apart from family & friends, she constantly searches for ways to share new memories with photos & words of inspiration. She is featured to the left with her Mom and two daughters, Sydney & Makena.

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