Gray at 30!

My New Best Friend: Vitamin B5
By: Rebecca Henry 

HELP IT'S HAPPENING!! I woke up and there it was...a long glimmering, shimmering gray hair!! NOOOOO! I'm 30, not 50 so why do I see a gray hair??? I know it will happen eventually. I know I am going to have to face the aging process one day, but I wasn't  prepared for that dreaded day being today! 

So as I stood in my bathroom mirror fixating on that lone silver hair I asked myself "how can I stop this?" My first reaction was to pluck the gray hair out, which I did. But then I started thinking...what if I get more!!?? So I did a little research on how to delay this graying process and here is what I found:

Graying hair is normal and everyone will go through the process, but vitamin B-5, also known as pantothenic acid may help slow down this distressing fate! Vitamin B-5 prevents premature gray hair. You can take a B-5 supplement, or eat a balanced diet rich in Vitamin B-5 foods such as broccoli, turnip greens, sunflower seeds, tomato, strawberries, yogurt, eggs, winter squash, collard greens, and corn. But make sure you eat the food in its raw state. Cooking, it can deplete the vitamin.

Now that I know this secret I’ll be doubling up on my B-5 vitamin and if I see another sneaky gray hair I’m going to whip out my black mascara and color it in. I’ll give the Vitamin B a chance to work her magic before I begin to pluck my hair out. Who knew this tiny little vitamin could be your hair’s best friend!

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