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Why I LOVE & Shop Tinybuttercup!
By: Rebecca Henry

My High school years came and went, but what I did take from them is a perfect husband, a wonderful business partner and an amazing friend who I like to call my Rini.

Erin and I met as teenagers, our friendship developed in drama class. We were just two, happy, teens giggling in the back of the class practicing our lines for the school play. 

Over the years Erin and I reconnected as mothers, wives and close friends. Even though as adults we've always had hundreds to thousands of miles of distance parting us that never stopped a bond from forming.

When I was living in the states, Erin made seasonal trips from Florida to Maryland for visits. We had our annual reunion at a magical place called Butler’s Orchard. Our little ones were able to meet, play and form a friendship as Rini and I did over a decade ago. It was incredible to see our own babies and toddlers running around the pumpkin field or stuffing their cute faces with brownies in the Orchard’s Country Store.

Erin has always been a talented, artistic, woman who can create an array of handmade things. Today Erin has ventured into her own business with an Etsy shop called Tiny Buttercup. She has quickly developed a loyal following of eager mothers buying her unique baby products. Erin can make everything from crochet blankets to baby toys, burp cloths to nursery sets, and just about anything your imagination can hold. 

Even though Erin’s shop is geared towards baby products she can create wonderful clothes, tutus, and other things for any age. Auntie Rini has surprised my little 4yr old with gorgeous, colorful tutus that made Penelope feel and look like a genuine ballerina! Everything on her site can be customized and she is more than willing to comply. 

Erin’s products are one hundred percent unique, gorgeous and high quality! Please stop by her shop at Tiny Buttercup. 

See for yourself! You’ll understand why I am so proud of my friend Rini.


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