The Spirit of Easter by Rebecca Henry

Spring is a beautiful time of year, it symbolizes rebirth, new life, growth and purity in our world.
All of us look forward to Easter and the fun traditions that accompany it. This Spring introduce the Spirit of Easter into your home with these fun, colorful ideas:

1: Make an Easter Basket for one of your neighbors, friends or donate it to a nursing home. Fill a basket or decorative bowl with colorful eggs that you and your little one died, add fresh fruit, nuts, some bright flowers and a handmade card.

2: Welcome Spring with a bird house. Celebrate the new season by giving a bird and her eggs a new home!
Pick up a wooden bird house kit from your local craft store or hardware store. They cost around $10.00. Add some colorful paint and hang in your garden for you and your family to enjoy! This great craft idea encourages children to be creative and appreciate nature.

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What lovely ideas:)

InspiredGifts.com said...

Thank you!! My little girl had a lot of fun doing them :)

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