The Story of Inspired Gifts

Becca DiPersia is the visionary behind Inspired Gifts. The idea came soon after the birth of her daughter, Makena. She began searching for ways to preserve and share the beautiful memories her new family was creating. She also wanted to create perfect gifts for grandparents, but nothing seemed to capture the importance of these very special people in her daughter’s life. All this searching led to the creation of Inspired Gifts. Becca hopes Inspired Gifts becomes your everlasting resource for creating meaningful gifts.

Looking Back…
Positive words of inspiration not only created the foundation of Inspired Gifts, but is what originally brought Becca DiPersia & Rebecca Henry together as high school friends. Over fifteen years ago, they flipped through poetry books and wrote down their favorite writings to help carry them through the obstacles of high school and teenage life.

Becca & Becky Freshman in High School in 1994

During this time, Becca invited friends to decorate her bedroom walls with their favorite words of inspiration and moving artwork. Friends would literally arrive to her house with a marker in hand eager to share and add to her wall of inspiration.
Also during this time, Rebecca Henry began her writing by composing poetry inspired by the writings her and Becca found together.

Becca & Keti when they first met in 2001

Becca would go on to meet Keti Bianchi at her first post-college job at a small family-run advertising agency. Becca & Keti quickly bonded over their love of art. Keti’s charisma and colorful designs created an exciting work atmosphere that would later become the beauty and face of Inspired Gifts.

Naturally when the vision of Inspired Gifts came to Becca, she knew together with her two friends, Rebecca & Keti, her vision would become a reality. Today we are proud to provide custom photo books & gifts for families, friends, children & babies.

Create Custom Photo Books & Gifts
For Families, Friends, Children & Babies


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Congratulations ladies! Becca, I am so excited for you that this dream has become a reality.

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Thank you so much for your support!